LEA Macro Assembler

LEA (pronounced "lee-ah") is a fully featured macro assembler which can be used to turn assembly language programs into machine code ready to run on a target computer system. It was designed to be extensible and can assemble programs for more than one target CPU. The current version is able to assemble programs written for the following two target CPUs:

  • Motorola 68000 -- For more information on this CPU, please see: Motorola 68000
  • LEO-1 Homebrew CPU
  • More CPU types are planned for future versions, in particular the 6502, Z80 and SC/MP. These are all microprocessors that the author of LEA finds interesting enough to possibly implement a custom CPU for.

    LEA is a command-line tool. It does not come with any kind of 'IDE' or other graphical interface. It is run by opening a command window and typing LEA, or by using a batch file. It it therefore possible to use LEA alone or as part of an automated tool chain.

    System Requirements
    LEA is a 64-bit program and is currently only available for Microsoft Windows. It has only been tested on Windows 7 but should run on any 64-bit version of Windows.

    The program can be downloaded here: LEA.zip. Please read the included README.txt file for instructions on how to install and use the program.

    Documentation is included in the zip file but can be viewed or downloaded separately here: LEA Macro Assembler.pdf

    Release notes are also included in the zip file but can be viewed or downloaded separately here: ReleaseNotes.txt

    Issue Tracker
    To see bugs and issues, visit the issue tracker.